Bungee Fitness Workout Trainer

Bungee Fitness Workout Trainer

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Bungee Fitness is a serious workout fun! 

Bungee Workout, a dance and fitness combination, has been gaining much anticipation and momentum as the next big thing to hit the local fitness scene. Many are looking forward to adding it to their workout regimen. 

Now you can make Bungee Workout at your home!

Consider your weight to choose your Bungee Workout Kit:

120LBS suit for 40-50KG weight 

160LBS suit for 50-70KG weight

200LBS suit for 70-90KG weight


Bunge Workout Fitness Kit Includes:

Adjustable Harness *1 (with three D buckles)

Daisy chain *1

Swivel    *1

Portal bag *1