Baby Automatic Nail Trimmer (Pain Free)

Baby Automatic Nail Trimmer (Pain Free)

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Mom needs help to keep your baby clean and short nails, but the traditional nail clippers 
easily hurt the baby, every mother's nails are to test, so no harm to the safety of infant wear armor came into being. 

Little hands deserve more

 Your Baby trimming nightmare days over! From today you won't need a magnifying glass to safely trim your baby's nails. The BabyTrim is a battery operated nail trimmer that safely files tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. A gentle, yet effective oscillating action trims your baby's nails and includes two power settings. BabyTrim comes with four cushioned pads, each designed for a different stage of your baby's growth.


 Patented technology


 Not scary.

 Easy to hold.

 100% Safe and Effective for babies to toddlers

 Includes storage case and multiple cushioned pads with varying grits

 Measurements L x W x H): 1.75" x 1" x 4.5" / 5 cm x 3 cm x 12 cm

Watch this review video:

360 degree rotation smooth contacts with gentle shaking gently frictional nails, safe gentle, comfortable and painless; 
Two tranches of speed design, according to different growing baby needs to choose, adjustable; 
4 phases Alternatively scrub pad for all ages baby nails the hardness of the : 
-Pink Pad - For babies 0-3 months 
- Blue Pad - For babies 3-6 months 
- Green Pad - For babies 6-12 months 
- Orange Pad - For babies 12 months and up 

  • AA battery-powered, green and safe and convenient; 
  • Ergonomic handle for easy user grip, so trim more effort and more simple; 
  • Release button, replace the scrub pad allows easier; 
  • Unique silent motor, low noise, baby sleep when you can repair; 
  • Configure portable storage box, compact, easy storage and carrying